Angle Adjusting Instructions

DISCONNECT POWER  to conveyor.

The side rails on the horizontal section of the model 2230 conveyors are adjustable to allow the user to minimize the gap between rails at the transition point.

Before raising the incline section of the conveyor, loosen the wing nuts holding the horizontal rail section and slide the rails away from the transition point   (towards the motor).

Loosen the two adjustable locking levers and slowly raise the incline section to the desired height.

CAUTION Be certain that the horizontal rail sides slide to the inside of the incline rail sides or damage to the rails could result.

Slide the horizontal rails towards the transition point to minimize the gap between rail sections and tighten down the wing nuts.


Reconnect power and turn on conveyor.  The belt should move freely through the transition.  If not, the rails are too close to the transition point, stop, and readjust the horizontal rails.

At incline angles of less than 40°, some buckling of the belt may occur at the transition point.  This may be minimized by slightly relieving the belt tension.

Click here for 2230 angle adjustment diagram