Horizontal to Decline Conveyor

Series 2240

  • Totally enclosed drive and pulley system for operator safety.
  • No exposed rotating parts
  • Modular design allows for motor to be repositioned on any corner
  • 115v / 60H / 1PH  Motor and manual motor starter with overload protection
  • Fully recessed belt edges, top and bottom of conveyor frame, maximum gap between belt and side rails is less than .032".  (Belt edges surrounded in wear resistant plastic, protecting belt and helping to eliminate contamination)
  • Standard "soft drop zone" to cushion product fall and resist bouncing (slider bed also available)
  • Machined aluminum belt take-up and bearing housing securely holds 2.25" diameter trapezoidal crowned pulley with 3/4" steel shaft
  • Premium quality 3/4" sealed, self-aligning bearings
  • Anodized extruded aluminum legs (allows for quick and infinite leg adjustments in height and location along the entire length of the frame.)
  • 2" Tall anodized extruded aluminum side rails, optional 5" rail available
  • 4" Diameter polyurethane, heavy duty, two-way, toe locking, non-marking casters or adjustable height pads
  • Standard polyurethane blue belting, with belt options of:
    • Cleats from 1/4" to 2" or white 3"
    • Belt colors in white, white texture, white hi-temp, green, black, black texture, black hi-temp and mesh
    • Durable plastic link belting in blue, white or tan
  • We offer the following additional optional upgrades:
    • Variable speed drive, available with E-stop button and/or manual reverse
    • Indexing / photo-eye sensors
    • Discharge tray available in standard, tapered, right angle or extended length
    • 2" or 5" Stainless steel take-up rails
    • Lexan cover, with optional ambient cooling fans
    • Robot guarding, full length or any portion
    • Water chiller units
    • Scissor-lift base
    • Counterweights
    • Parts separator
    • Parts diverter
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