Incline Conveyor

Series 2220

  • Totally enclosed drive and pulley system for operator safety - no exposed rotating parts
  • Infinite angle adjustment  0 - 60°
  • Modular design allows for motor to be repositioned on any corner
  • 115v / 60H / 1PH Motor and manual motor starter with overload protection
  • Fully recessed belt edges, top and bottom of conveyor frame; maximum gap between belt and side rails is less than .032".  (Belt edges surrounded in wear resistant plastic, protecting belt and helping to eliminate contamination)
  • Slider bed can be added as an available option
  • Machined aluminum belt take-up and bearing housing securely holds 2.25" diameter trapezoidal crowned pulley with 3/4" steel shaft Premium quality 3/4" sealed, self-aligning bearings
  • Anodized extruded aluminum legs (allows for quick and infinite leg adjustments in height and location along the entire length of the frame.)
  • 5" Tall anodized extruded aluminum side rails standard
  • 4" Diameter polyurethane, heavy duty, two-way, toe-locking, non-marking casters or adjustable height pads
  • Standard polyurethane blue belting, with belt options of:
    • Cleats from 1/4" to 2" or white 3"
    • Belt colors in white, green and black
    • Durable plastic link belting in blue, white or tan
  • We offer the following additional optional upgrades:
    • Variable speed drive, available with E-stop button and/or manual reverse
    • Motor starter contol
    • Discharge tray available in standard, tapered, right angle or extended length
    • 5" Stainless steel take-up rails
    • Lexan cover, with optional ambient cooling fans
    • Robot guarding, full length or any portion
    • Water chiller units
    • Scissor-lift base
    • Counterweights
    • Parts separator
    • Parts diverter
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