2230 Conveyor Belt Replacement Instructions

  1. Angle the incline section down (horizontal).
  2. Remove (4) HTI covers by loosening the top (2) bolts of each knuckle and sliding off.  (Black sheet metal covers at transition).
  3. With the conveyor horizontal, remove wing nuts from the horizontal (infeed) rails and remove rail/endflap assembly.
  4. Remove all side rail screws from the incline section and slide off side rails.  (Use 4mm hex wrench).  Place screws back into M6 nut plates to prevent them from falling out.
  5. Loosen screws on the (2) take-up castings, on side opposite the motor.  (Use 5mm hex wrench, (4) bolts each).
  6. Rotate clockwise the tension screws at the ends of the loosened take-up castings.  (Use 6mm hex wrench).
  7. Push take-up castings towards the center of the conveyor as far as possible and tighten one bolt on each casting to prevent slippage.
  8. Pull belt over the cam followers.
  9. Angle the incline section to 60° and lock into place.
  10. Remove end caps from the top of the leg uprights.
  11. Loosen handles on legs and slide the leg assemblies off.
  12. Turn conveyor on side (with motor side down).
  13. On the underside of the conveyor, slide the belt out from under the frame.
  14. Work the belt over the take-up castings.
  15. Slide the replacement belt over the take-up castings.
  16. Slide belt under the conveyor frame on the bottom side of the conveyor.
  17. Turn the conveyor back to the horizontal position.
  18. Slide conveyor back onto leg assemblies.
  19. Angle the incline section back to horizontal.
  20. Push the belt under the cam followers.
  21. Loosen the screw holding the take-up casting in place and tension casting out with the tension bolt from frame until the belt is at minimal tension.  (Use 6mm hex wrench).
  22. Re-install the incline rails (push into contact with the cam follower roller).
  23. Install the horizontal rail/end flap assembly (inside of incline rails).  Do not  lock into place.
  24. Install the (4) HTI knuckle covers.
  25. Angle the incline section to 60° (or usable angle), and lock into place.
  26. Adjust the horizontal rails to minimize the cap at the transition point.
  27. ***   DO  NOT  HAVE  RAILS  CUTTING  INTO  BELT   ***
  28. Turn on the conveyor and check belt tension.  If properly tensioned, you can still grab the discharge pulley with your hands and force the drive pulley to slip under the belt.  Tension both sides of the take-up pulley equally.
  29. Run the conveyor and check tracking.
  30. Tighten the screws on the sides of the take-up castings.